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Dry Bulk Trailer Repairs, Servicing and Parts

Liquip NSW and Ddc Diesel Dry Bulk Trailer Servicing

The beginning of new era in dry bulk tanker servicing and diesel machinery repairs and servicing comes to greater western Sydney, Smithfield.

We've expanded our service capabilities to now include Dry Bulk Tanker Trailer Spare Parts and Accessories supply and Dry Bulk Tanker Trailer Repairs and Servicing (including diesel mechanical tasks) here at Liquip NSW. This expansion comes off the back of the acquisition of DDC Diesel in late 2020. DDC Diesel was for over 40 years the first choice for truck and trailer repairs, having specialised in servicing bulk pressure tankers and concrete agitators. Their incorporation into the Liquip NSW business now complements our well known reputation as a bulk liquid transfer solution and storage provider.

Liquip NSW now proudly offers both bulk liquid (hydrocarbon) and dry bulk road tanker trailer servicing, parts and repair work – a truly unique and highly valuable service operation to Australian transport fleets.

DDC Diesel expert team of mechanical repairers are now at Liquip NSW

Real experience & expertise

The acquisition of DDC Diesel Pty Ltd and DDC Diesel Heavy Vehicle Spares business, including a number of this businesses expert and highly experienced staff, has expanded Liquip NSWs service workshop capabilities to now include dry bulk trailer speciality repairs, servicing and maintenance as well as heavy vehicle diesel mechanical repairs.

Liquip NSW - Smithfield

All new service centre and set-up 

Our new Workshop Service Centre at 13 Hume Rd Smithfield and administration office has been purpose designed and built to provide our staff and customers a state-of-the-art facility to complete dry bulk tanker trailer servicing,  repairs and maintenance. This new site, coupled with our high level of personalised service ensures the delivery of best in class solutions.

Dry Bulk Trailer PartsLeading solutions and parts

As a Service Driven, Solution Focussed business we offer cost-effective, specialist dry bulk transfer repairs and servicing to the transport industry. Backed by Liquip Equipment Parts and other key manufacturers, we have access to the world's best transfer, storage and monitoring systems to be utilised in these dry bulk solutions and repairs, along with a specialist team of personal to support product selection, ordering and installation.


Liquip NSW can supply (and fit) the very best in aviation parts and accessories

    Components and Parts supply

    Here at Liquip NSW, as an accredited Liquip Parts Distributor and installer we  have access to the world's best transfer, storage and monitoring systems. And as a stand alone business we also use and offer a wider range of parts and equipment to ensure the very best solutions and components are used in any repair, servicing and trailer maintenance work we deliver.

    Feel to download our Liquip Dry Bulk Mechanical Components Catalogue and call us to discuss any parts needs outside this range.

    Liquip Dry Bulk Parts Catalogue

    Liquip NSW now offers dry bulk trailer servicing at it new Smithfield site

    A long history in delivering dry bulk trailer repairs will continue

    As per DDC Diesels past service offerings Liquip NSW will continue to offer and improve on:

    • Pressure vessel repair/welding to AS1210,
    • Complete refurbishment of bulk pneumatic tankers from sandblast and repaint,
    • Updating suspensions from spring to airbag,
    • Complete rebuilds of aerator systems and discharge pipework,
    • Testing and calibrating of pressure relief valves.
    • Vessel inspections
    • Complete servicing and repairs (subject to initial assessment) 
    • Installation of a variety of compressors to prime movers, hydraulic driven.
    • Diesel or electric powered compressor powerpack builds, either skid mounted, trailer mounted or installed to your tanker. 
    • Supply and install tipper Hydraulic systems such as, Hydreco and work in conjunction with companies such as MegaPacific for all your Hydraulic needs

    We have also increased our service offering across a number of key areas related to dry bulk management and diesel mechanical repairs (as well as complementary services related to our existing business Eg.SLPs, Equipment Calibration).

    Bulk Powder Tanker repairs

    > Welding repairs to pressure vessel standard
    > Trailer repairs
    > ISO container repairs
    > Wear pad replacing and resurfacing
    Aerator replacements
    > Blower fitting, servicing and replacement
    > Hose replacements
    > Hatch servicing and replacement

    Mechanical repairs

    > Complete trailer servicing (A, B and C services)
    > General prime mover service
    > Brake adjustment and replacement
    > Suspension work
    > RMS inspections
    > Defect clearing
    > Brown slips/ pink slips (HVAIS)
    > General mechanical repairs

    Paint Sprays

    ‘On-site’ Paint shed purpose built for trailers (fully operational) allowing us to fully paint trailers, cab chassis, undertake full paint repairs after welding without delay, as the paint bay is on the site and operated by a painter who has long term experience in trailer painting. It is unlimited as to what we can paint. 

    If you require more general information about our new dry bulk mechanical and trailer project services please contact us today using our online contact form

    If you are a current or former DDC Diesel customer in Greater Sydney & NSW feel free to contact for more information on the acquisition and our ongoing customer care program:

    Tracey Hourd (General Manager)           0418 228 173
    Neil Bennett (Business Development)     0408 410 306
    Steve Hudson (Operations Manager)      0406 380 993