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OPW Above Ground Service Station Equipment

OPW Fueling Components is leading the way in the design and manufacture of the world's most trusted and reliable Dispensing Hardware, Stage II Vapour Recovery Equipment and Above Ground Storage Tank Equipment. For unparalleled dependability, durability and reliability marketers around the world specify the OPW brand and talk to us here at Liquip Victoria to assist in selecting the ideal solution.

Above Ground Storage Tank Equipment

OPW manufactures a broad array of Above Ground Storage Tank Equipment (AST) and Fuel Management Equipment for fleet fuelling and diesel engine generator/oil-fired boiler applications.

OPW is the first manufacturer to have its AST products receive CARB Certification to meet new AST EVR regulations. No other AST solution offers you the highest level of clean air protection and overall value as OPW.


CleanEnergy Fueling Products

OPW CleanEnergy Fueling Products is Leading the Way in fueling the future, offering the world’s most complete line of CNG (compressed natural gas), Hydrogen and LPG (liquified petroleum gas) fueling products, including:
> Autogas Nozzles
> Breakaways
> Shear Valves
> Adaptors and
> Hose Assemblies

21st Century Green Innovations

OPW is pleased to offer to our customers our new 21G series products. 21st Century Green Innovations for a cleaner world. The OPW 21Gu™ DEF hanging hardware family is the world’s global leader in retail Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispensing equipment. The OPW 21Gv™ Onboard Refueling Vapour Recovery nozzle is in a league of its own being the most efficient ORVR compatible nozzle available on the market today, saving our environment, while putting ‘green’ back in the owner’s pocket.

Standard Service Station Dispensing Equipment

OPW is the global leader in dispensing products and hardware. Product offerings include a wide array of conventional, vacuum-assist, balance vapour recovery and manual dispensing:
> Nozzles
> Breakaways
> Hose Swivels
> Swivel Breakaways
> Accessories

Stage II Vapour Recovery Equipment

OPW offers several varieties of Stage II Vapour Recovery Systems, including the centralised Micro VacuRite®, the Max VacuRite® and the state-of-the-art Vaporsaver™ membrane processor.


For more information about the OPW range and our customised Service Station solutions products please contact us today.