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AdBlue Dispensing Systems

AdBlue Dispensing Bowser by Liquip Victoria

Our speciality is the design, building and installation of customised AdBlue dispensing bowsers and systems.

When it comes to delivering AdBlue solutions we can assist commercial sites, fuel depots, service stations with standalone dispensers or integrated solutions part of a tank package.  We also design, build and install AdBlue Pumping Systems that are NMI certified for resale use, and can be fitted to Road Tankers or bulk mobile equipment. We can custom design, manufacture, supply and fit the AdBlue dispensing system to meet with your or any requested requirements. We also have access to a number of pre-made solutions we can source and install.


Commercial AdBlue
Dispensing Systems

Fuelcrafts own designed and manufactured AdBlue 240 Volt dispenser with full Stainless steel cabinet is made to be installed remotely to the tank or integrated into the tank package.

There is a number of
configurations from:

> Standard dispenser with single
5 metre hose and display.
> Dispenser with dual
hose and dual display.
> Optional Hose reel with
8 metres of hose.
> Hi Masts – 4 metre hose
masts with 8 metre hoses.
> Hazardous area approved option.

Retail AdBlue Dispensing Systems

The Retail AdBlue 240 Volt dispenser in all stainless steel cabinet with NMI approved meters for resale use is a robust, highly visible blue colour and small footprint solution for new or retrofit applications.

The small foot print ( 315 x 315mm) is designed for installing between existing fuel pumps or close to canopy poles or other smaller areas often found on existing service station sites where other standard large dispensers are difficult to install.

The unique design AdBlue dispenser can be installed directly onto concrete or similar so that power, data and product piping can be accessed directly into the side of the dispenser, which provides a very economical solution to excavating concrete.  Alternatively, the AdBlue dispenser can be installed on a sump to access underground piping and wiring.

Road Tanker AdBlue Dispensing Systems

Fuelcraft designed and manufactured bulk AdBlue dispensing system for road tankers or ISO container dispensing, is designed to be mounted underneath the tanker belly, behind the vehicle cabin or on container twist locks at the rear of ISO containers Skel trailers.

Powered by a diesel engine, the pump delivers fast unloading of bulk tanks through a hose reel and drybreak connection.  The retail system, with NMI approval for resale or non-retail package, all use high quality Stainless Steel components, meters and valves and are all installed in an enclosure to protect and provide a quiet operating solution.


For more information about our range of Adblue Dispensing solutions please contact us today.