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1600AN Series Adaptor

The 1600AN Series Adaptor is specifically designed to mate with OPW Kamvalok® Couplings to help prevent liquid spillage during the connection/disconnection process. The adaptor contains a spring-loaded poppet to assure fast closing and a tight seal.

Features & Benefits
  • Single Piece Design – Eliminates a possible leak path.
  • Spill Prevention – Poppet-actuated design can only be opened with a Kamvalok® coupling; designed to provide a tight seal when closed.
  • Reliability of Operation – The simple spring-loaded poppet design and heavy-duty construction provide for reliable, long-life operation.
  • Optimum Flow Rate – Even flow and low pressure drop are achieved by a built-in deflector that reduces turbulence.
Technical Information

Available sizes
Available in 1½”, 2" and 3” Sizes.

Housing Materials
Available in aluminium, and stainless steel construction (stainless steel corrosion resistance comparable to 316 Stainless Steel).

Seal Materials
Range of seals including: Buna-N, Fluorocarbon, PTFE, EPDM, Chemraz®.

Female Threads – Can be fitted to either a male pipe end or to a hose fitting.

Ordering Information

Common Models

1612ABN-AL15: 1½" Kamvalok Adaptor, Aluminium, Viton, BSPT thread.  
1611ABN-AL20: 2" Kamvalok Adaptor, Aluminium, Buna, BSPT thread. 
2" Kamvalok Adaptor, Aluminium, Viton, BSPT thread.  
1612AN-AL20: 2" Kamvalok Adaptor, Aluminium, Viton, FNPT thread.
2" Kamvalok Adaptor, Aluminium,  TFE/SIL, BSPT thread. 
1612ABN-AL30: 3" Kamvalok Adaptor, Aluminium, Viton, BSPT thread. 

1672ABN-SS15: 1½" Kamvalok Adaptor, SST, Viton, BSPT thread. 
1672AN-SS20: 2" Kamvalok Adaptor, SST, Viton, FNPT thread. 
1672ABN-SS20: 2" Kamvalok Adaptor, SST, Viton, BSPT thread.  
1672AN-SS30: 3" Kamvalok Adpator, SST, Viton, FNPT thread. 
1673ABN-SS30: 3" Kamvalok Adaptor, SST, PFTE, BSPT thread. 

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