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2173AVN Series

The 2173AVN Vapor Recovery Dry Disconnect Coupling provides easy access in recovering vapors for either top or bottom loading/unloading tank truck operations. The OPW 2173AVN installs onto the QRB valve on tank trailers and can provide a dry disconnect connection for emergency evacuation of hazardous liquids in the case of a roll-over.

Features & Benefits
  • Vapor Hose Connection – 2” Kamvalok® Dry Disconnect or D2000™ Actuating Couplers.
  • No trailer modifications required – Easy attachment to existing MC307, DOT407, MC312, and DOT412 trailers.
  • 3” straight thread mounting with 2” Kamvalok® dry disconnect cam and groove connection makes the ideal 3” x 2” adaptor for QRB valves.
  • Can replace existing Clean-Out Caps for Closed Loop System.
  • Closed-Loop Protection – Helps protect people and the environment by providing a vapor and liquid tight seal during the connection/disconnection process specifically designed to contain VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) products that have high vapor pressure that evaporates quickly. Contains fugitive emissions and transfers VOCs without vapor loss.
  • Roll-Over Safety – Low profile design keeps the fitting below roll-over plane to minimize damage in the event of a roll-over. Meets IMO profile dimensions.
  • Easy Emergency Evacuation – Provides a dry disconnect connection for emergency evacuation of hazardous liquids in case of roll-over.
  • Quick and Easy Cleaning – Designed for easy disassembly for routine cleaning.
Technical Information

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Ordering Information

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