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API800 Series Chemical Trim Coupler

The API812C is a chemical trim bottom loading dry-break coupler with automatic latching. It is available in a long and short handle model with FFKM seals.

FFKM seals are one of the most chemically resistant materials available and are suitable for even some of the harshest chemical compounds. As such, FFKM is commonly used with aggressive, corrosive and reactive chemicals.

  • Fast in-field replacement of all seals on or off the arm.
  • Two operating handle sizes to suit various applications.
  • 4 true interlocking stainless steel latches for secure coupling and maximum safety.
  • Stainless steel collar and hard anodised body for increased service life and durability.
  • Various stainless steel components for long term strength, durability and chemical compatibility.
  • Increased site safety via minimal product leakage during disconnect.
  • Vastly reduced risk of leakage through new sealing design.
  • Improved ergonomic operating handle and carry loop during use with less physical strain on users.

API810C: Short Handle, FFKM Seals
API812C: Long Handle, FFKM Seals


Handle Length: Short (150mm) or Long (200mm)

Seals: FFKM

Max Working Pressure: 550 kPa

Product Test Pressur:e 820 kPa

Design Pressure: 2000 kPa

Max Surge Pressure: 3000 kPa

Operating Temperature: -5°C to +80°C

Design Standard
API RP 1004 8th EDITION 2003 - Bottom Loading and Vapour Recovery

Removal of one roll pin enables the shaft assembly and main poppet to be withdrawn

• By industry standard 100mm (4”) TTMA Flange
• 8 holes Ø11mm on 149mm PCD, 168 outside diameter (Ø7/16” on 5.8” PCD, 6.6” OD)
• Use spring washers when mounting coupler as per common industry practice

Weight 8.5kg


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