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3" Flanged Butterfly Valves

Liquip's range of 3" butterfly valves provide and control full flow through pipelines fitted with 75mm (3") TTMA flanges.

With a lightweight and durable design Liquip's butterfly valves are the butterfly valve of choice.

Features & Benefits
  • 4 stage opening/closing valve.
  • 75mm (3") product flow.
  • Industry Standard 3" TTMA Flange Mounting.
  • Bonded viton seal for increased durability.
  • Lightweight aluminium body.
  • Can be fitted with an Air Actuator or locking tab as required.
Technical Information

Working pressure
1,500 kPa (210 PSI) in open position.
700 kPa (101 PSI) in closed position.

Operating temperature
–10°C to 100°C.

Mounts directly to Liquip 75mm TTMA standard flange with chamfered entry to ensure disc clearance in open position.

Periodically (approx every 6 months), inspect butterfly seat.

Body - Cast aluminium.
Butterfly disc - Cast aluminium.
Handle - Cast aluminium with zinc plated steel locking lever.
Spindle - Stainless Steel.
Seal - Bonded Viton A.

1.6kg - LBV300 variants.
1.16kg - LBV3-LA variants.

Ordering Information

LBV300: 3” Butterfly valve c/w bonded Viton seal.

LBV300Z: LBV300 c/w 2 x 3” TTMA NBR gaskets.

LBV300VZ: LBV300 c/w 2 x 3” TTMA Viton gaskets.

LBV350VG: 3" Butterfly valve c/w bonded Viton GFLT seal.

LBV3-LA: 3” machined butterfly valve C/W Viton seal and no handle to suit actuators. 

LBV350VG-LA: 3” machined butterfly valve c/w GFLT seal and no handle to suit actuators. 

LBV3-AAZ: 3" LBV3-LA & Air Actuator Kit.

LBV3-AASRZ*: 3” LBV3-LA & Spring Return Actuator Kit.

LBV350-AASRLTZ: 3" LBV350VG-LA &  LIQK105K55LT Low Temperature Spring Return Actuator Kit.


* not suitable for use with DM manifolds.

Associated Equipment

BF3: 75mm TTMA aluminium flange (also available in mild & stainless steels).

0656: 75mm TTMA NBR cork gasket.

4287: 75mm TTMA klingerite gasket.

0656V: 75mm TTMA viton gasket.

LBV4-7: Locking tab.

LBV-AA: Air Actuator.

LBV-AASR: Spring Return Air Actuator.

LIQK105K55LT: Low Temperature Spring Return Air Actuator.