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API Latching Indicator

The API-LI has been designed to provide users with a quick and efficient method to measure the latching capability of Liquip manufactured API couplers. i.e. API710, API712 and API800 series.

The latching capability of the API coupler is measured instantly against pre-determined allowances and is visually represented allowing users to easily determine if the coupler is suitable for continued use or if it requires servicing.

Liquip also offers a unique 

Features & Benefits
  • Indicates latching integrity of API coupler.
  • Quick and Easy to use.
  • Visual indication of coupler latching capability.
  • Can be used in situ.
  • Stainless Steel 304 construction for durability.
Technical Information

Visual Identifiation
RED (only) visible:
Immediately remove coupler from service and
conduct complete coupler maintenance.

GREEN (only) visible
Continue coupler use.

RED and GREEN visible:
Continue coupler use.
Monitor and check again in 3-6 months.

Note: The API-LI is intended to be used in conjunction with standard coupler maintenance. Liquip recommends users service couplers in line with Liquip’s recommended coupler maintenance schedule.


When engaging the API-LI ensure you squeeze the stainless steel handle of the API coupler, as this will assist with the ease of engagement and increase the service life of the API-LI.

Ordering Information

API-LI: API coupler latching indicator. 

Associated Equipment

API700 Series Dry-Break Coupler.
API800 Seires Dry-Break Coupler.

API-NCFG: Stainless steel API Nosecone wear gauge set.


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