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SJW Swivels

SJW Swivels are available in 3” and 4” sizes and can be of Mild Steel or Stainless Steel. These swivels are used for fabrication of loading arms and pipework requiring up to 360° rotational joints. They are machined from Nitrided Steel with pre-prepared ends for welding directly to pipe or tube.

SJW Swivels are a most cost-effective way of achieving a rotating joint, for loading arms or other equipment requiring swivelling joints. Sealing is enhanced by the purpose designed Viton or Teflon primary seal, and two Viton o-rings which isolate the bearing pack from product leaks. In the unlikely event that the primary seal leaks, the  product is contained by the O-Ring before it can wash grease from the bearings causing them to fail in operation.
Any leak is also immediately visible from a tell-tale weep hole. The greasing system incorporates the Liquip trade-mark pressure relief outlet to ensure correct lubrication, by ejecting old grease and particles that can cause wear.


SJW075MMVZ - SJW Weld-On 3” Swivel Mild Steel
SJW100MMVZ - SJW Weld-On 4” Swivel Mild Steel
SJW075SSVZ - SJW Weld-On 3” Swivel Stainless Steel


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