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High Pressure Hose Reels

The HR series of hydraulic rewind, high pressure hose reels are suitable for petroleum products and are    avaliable in different sizes.

The hydraulic rewind reels have robust construction – stiffened cheek plates, extremely sturdy thick wall manifold with added strength from steel inner drum, steel base frame and self aligning bearing.

Features & Benefits
  • Flow area is equal to 38mm throughout.
  • All components are easily replaced as required.
  • Hydraulic rewind.
  • Sealing is bylip seal.
  • Built tought to last in the harshest conditions.
  • All models incoprate an optional lock.
  • Optional anti-rotation lock to prevent hose unravelling.
Technical Information

Pressure tested & rating
to 2,100kPa.

Periodic Service
Quarterly grease plummer block bearing.

4 x M10 Bolts.

Can suit 25mm, 32mm & 38mm diameter hoses.

Hydraulic Rewind.

Drum widths: 300mm (12"), 400mm (18") or 600mm (24")

Ordering Information

R12HP: High Pressure 12" Hose Reel.
HR12HPLMG*: Galvanised High Pressure 12" Hose Reel.
R18HP: High Pressure 18" Hose Reel.
HR18HPLMG: Galvanised High Pressure 18" Hose Reel.
R24HP: High Pressure 24" Hose Reel.
HR151-LM*: 6" Hydraulic Cartwheel Hose Reel.

* - less motor


Associated Equipment

AHR250D: Aviation drum style hose reel.

AHR250: Cartwheel type hosereels:

295SACJ-0200: Aviation spec nozzle.

Nickel plated steel gooseneck with st steel inlet flange available.

Nickel plated gooseneck with 1 ¼” MBSPP thread available for aviation and water use.

Rollers and guides.


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