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Electronic Register & Level Gauge

Liquip have uniquely developed the DFV series which has become the most technically advanced Register and Diptronic unit avaliable on the market.

Avaliable as a standalone Register, Diptronic CPU or combined unit, the DFV combines long service life with simple operation and reliablity.

The DFV is a lightweight unit and is approved for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas (IECEx & ATEX) truck mounted or fixed site product transfer applications.



  • Safety Approved for use in Zone 1 locations.
  • Weights & Measures Approved: Australia, Europe (MID), New Zealand.
  • Large display to easily view multiple information simultaneously.
  • RS232 and CAN communication.
  • Intuitive set up and programming.
  • Can be connected to a large digit display.
  • For full features download the DFV101 datasheet.


  • Preset functionality / batch control.
  • Solenoid outputs are voltage free and can perform a 2 stage ramp up and ramp down.
  • For full features download the DFV100 Datasheet.


  • ±1mm accuracy.
  • Automatic level gauging updated in real time to reduce delivery times.
  • Eye level display of compartment volume to keep operators off the top of the tank and removing the need for ladders and hand rails.
  • Can read up to 9 probes/compartments.
  • Comes with built in power filter.
  • Volume shown in 1L increments.
  • Temperature compensated deliveries.
  • Enables split deliveries to maximise fleet utlisation and efficiency.
  • For full features download the DFV103 datasheet.

Overall Size
Approx, 245 x 200 x 140mm

1 line x 14 characters 14 mm high & 4 lines 24 characters 8 mm high

Power Input
9 to 32Vdc (safety approved) or 9 to 45V (operational) @ 250mA polarity protected. External in-line fuse (rated 1.8A, antisurge) is a mandatory condition of safe use.

Operating Temperature
-20°C to +60°C

Temperature Correction
-40 to +60°C for all petroleum products. (Extended ranges available according to local regulations)

Ingress Protection

Product Density
0.500 - 0.600kg/L for LPG,
0.653 - 1.075kg/L for other products.

4.6 kg.

Two RS232C ports to be used to communicate with a PC or other serial device such as a modem or printer. One CAN port.

Epson CTM-290 or TM-295, Blaster Printer.

Relay Outputs
Up to 4 Relay Outputs. Current sink, 2A max. Solenoid to be connected between this output and the positive of the power supply. Additional in-line fuse (2A, antisurge) is a mandatory condition of safe use.

Program Memory
MicroSD card.

Ordering Information

DFV100: Register for use in zone 1 hazardous locations.

DFV100H: Register with heated display (no approvals).

DFV103: Level Gauging CPU for use in zone 1 hazardous locations.

DFV101: Combined register & level gauging CPU for use in zone 1 hazardous locations.


Expansion modules: Contact Liquip

ERP200: Remote Pulser to be used with DFV  units.

DFV101-UP: DFV101 and DFV103 upgrade to DFV101.

4155: Temperature Probe.

DFV100-23: DFV Front mount bracket to suit various meters.

DFV100-18: DFV Top mount bracket to suit  various meters.



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