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Level Sensor Assemblies

Liquip offers a range of level sensor assemblies that measure the contents of a tanker's compartments and provide a reading on the DFV CPU.

Diptronic Dipsticks provide an accurate measure of compartment contents in real time.

Features & Benefits
  • Radar transmitters ensures high tech  and accurate measuring of tanker contents.
  • Measurement and eye-level display of all compartment contents in litre
  • No need for operators to climb on top of tanks to measure hazardous substances.
  • Length and range of the sensors can be made to suit height of the compartment on order.
  • +/- 1mm accuracy.
  • Can suit walkway or hatch mount applications.
Technical Information

Length and Range
Determined by the height of the compartment:0.6-2.5m.

+/- 1mm

0.05% or better over the range.

Maximum height of the housing above the walkway

Type of liquid to be detected - all petroleum products


dielectric constant approx 1.7-2.1

Ordering Information

DIP130: Diptronic level sensor assembly walkway mount.
DIP150: Diptronic level sensor assembly Hatch mount.


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