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Gantry Plugs - GP10X Series

Liquip gantry plugs are an indstury standard 3 or 4 pin bayonet plug and they connect gantry systems to a tanker.

Gantry plugs are designed for use with common industry monitors and vehicles as well as Liquip RM140 “Overfill Monitor”.  


Features & Benefits
  • Cater for up to 8 compartments with 2-wire probes.
  • Cable is ten-cores self-coiling (8m reach) with petroleum-resistant outersheath, Blue.
  • Supplied with a M25 cable gland and junction box is supplied with an adaptor 3/4” NPT. This allows interchangeability for spare parts.
Technical Information

Cable parameters
Capacitance C = 1.1 nF
Inductance L = 12 μH
Inductance/Resistance Ratio L/R = 35 μH/Ω.

All materials are non-static producing.



Ordering Information

GP103: Gantry plug, 3-pin bayonet, Navy Blue, supplied with cable & gland.

GP104: Gantry plug, 4-pin bayonet, Black, supplied with cable & gland.

Associated Equipment

5115: Self-store coiled cable, Blue.

RM140: Overfill Protection & Grounding Monitor.


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