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RM140 Rack Monitor

The RM140 is a world leading overfill protection & grounding monitor for petrochemical loading, road, rail, and food applications.


Features & Benefits
  • Grounding and/or Overfill Monitor in one competitive package
  • Separate ground indicator light.
  • Auto sensing of 2 or 5 wire systems.
  • Supports up to 8 two wire probes and up to 12 five wire probes.
  • Ultra high visibility display visible in direct sunshine.
  • Full sensor diagnosis at a glance.
  • Keyless bypass (RFID) allows unique ID recording with no batteries required.
  • Built in 110 & 240 voltage selection.
  • Built in 6 or 8 channel selection.
  • Self test functionat start up & via RFID fob.
  • Upgradeable software to allow for additional features.
Technical Information


  • Built to comply with EN13922
  • Will function will all probes designed to EN13922
  • Up to Hardware SIL 1 capable

Explosion proof aluminium housing base & cover.
Laminated glass window



Power  240V  110V

Min Input Voltage

185 Vac 85 Vac
Max Input Voltage 275 Vac 135 Vac
In-rush Current 2.2 A 2.3 A
Max Current 400mA 400mA
Normal Power Consumption 8.6W (No Probe)
20W (8 x2wire probes)
8.6W (No Probe)
20W (8 x2wire probes)
Mains Power Fuse Rating 250V, 400mA anti-surge 
1500A Breaking Capacity 

250V, 400mA anti-surge

1500A Breaking Capacity

Ordering Information

RM140D: Overfill monitor (typical configuration for Australian market).
RM140E: Overfill monitor (typical configuration for Global markets).

For any specific configurations, contact Liquip.

Associated Equipment

6983: Wireless FOB Bypass key for RM140.
6987: Fuse 400mA, 250Vac anti-surge, 1500A Breaking Capacity
5542: Fuse 5A @ 250Vac anti-surge
6985: RM100 Safety Ground Harness
RM100-3: RM100 Aluminium Safety Barrier
RM100-4: RM100 Polycarbonate Terminal Cover
RM100-5K: RM100 PCB Assembly Complete Kit (RM100-5 + 6959 Display)
GP103: 3 Bayonet Gantry Plug
GP104: 4 Bayonet Gantry Plug
GP204U: 4 Bayonet Gantry Plug screened cable, complies with EN13922
JB100: Junction Box with 2 threaded gland entries
JB103: Junction Box with 3 threaded gland entries
EAC201: Earth Clamp
HTA204: Two-wire Optical Hand Tester
HTA503: Five-wire Optical Hand Tester
LDP202: Two-wire Level Detection Probe
LDP205: Five-wire Level Detection Probe


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