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HOST Waste Oil Self Bunded Tank Cubes

HOST Waste Oil Self Bunded Storage Tank Cubes:
Safely store hydrocarbons (and other bulk waste liquids) in a purpose designed self bunded tank solution.

Liquip Victoria’s HOST Self Bunded Tank Cube range are designed for smaller to medium volume fuel, lubricants, chemical, waste oil and food storage solutions, offering a smaller tank footprint whilst still supplying an effective fuel dispensing system.

This specific sub-range of tanks has been designed for cleaner and safer storage of waste liquids.

Talk to a Liquip Victoria sales team member to obtain pricing, supply and delivery or for more information about our range of HOST Tank Cubes liquid storage solutions or visit the HOST Tanks website to see how well a HOST Waste Oil SBT Cubes stacks up against the competition.

Features & Benefits

HOST Self Bunded Waste Oil SBT Cubes

Liquip Victoria now offers a range of small HOST SBT Cubes designed for the safe and clean storage of waste oils. They are an ideal reciprocal for pouring in small containers of waste oil or draining oil filters (via the meshed top hatch) and keeping these liquids stored for later removal. Also, by using an attached pump system waste oils from larger drums and storage vessels on sites can be easily extracted and placed in the tank, extending on this products versatility.

Standard Waste Oil SBT Cube Features

  • Draining point for pouring in waste oils.
  • Hatch design has a basket mesh kit to cater for draining oil filters overnight and still allow for other waste oils to be drained at the same time. Hatch lid can be closed when oil filters are draining.
  • Self Bunded Tank design for safer storage.
  • Separate waste oil tank emptying suction point.
  • Extraction pump system for larger waste oil containers and drums to transfer into the tank.
Technical Information - Sizes

The current range can be purchased to accomodate the following storage capacities:

  • 1000 L 
  • 3000 L
  • 4500 L
  • 6000 L

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