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Vapour Coupler - VCF500

Vapour couplers allow for vapour transfer between tanker trucks and loading/unloading tanks.

Liquip's vapour couplers automatically open when connected to a compatible vapour adaptor and automatically seal when disconnected.

Liquip offers a 100mm (4") with poppet and spigot that can be used for vapour transfer between the tank truck and loading/unloading tank. 

The VCF500 is a spring loaded coupler that automatically opens when coupled to a compatible adaptor.

Features & Benefits
  • Will operate at flow rates up to 10,000 litres per minute at 20oC (4 compartments loading each at 2,500 LPM).
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Unique hinged poppet design provides lower pressure drops than standard poppets at high flows rates.
  • Spring loaded poppet retains vapours until coupled to the male vapour adaptor.
  • Universal 4" (100mm) camlock connection.
  • Automatically seals when disconnected for increased operator safety.
  • Patented “dunny lid” poppet to minimum pressure drop across the valve.
  • Moulded lip seal for reliable sealing. 
  • Fitted with a sightglass to view any product left from condensation.
  • Incorporates a carry handle for manoeuvrability.
Technical Information

100mm (4") bore all through for minimum pressure drop.

-Aluminium body and poppet.
-Brass Cam levers.
-Stainless Steel spring and shaft.
-Viton Seal.

Performs to 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Direction.
Not compatible with AS5602:2009 compliant vapour adaptors.

100mm (4") TTMA blind flange with 8 off M10 x 20 deep tapped holes.


NOTE: VCF500 is not suitable for use with Australian SLP compliant vapour adaptors which require interference selectivity counter bore on the vapour couplers. (use VCF075W).

Ordering Information

VCF500: 4" Vapour Coupler with Dunny Lid. Spigot and blind flange. (Not to AS:5602 and therefore not suitable for use in Australia).

Associated Equipment

VCF075W: 100mm (4”) static safe hosetail & female camlock with 75mm (3”) flow diameter.

VCM450: Vapour adaptor 100mm (4") flow through.

VCM3P: Vapour adaptor with promixty switch holder.

VCM3-F: Al Vapour adaptor 100mm Male to 100mm TTMA flange.

VCFPA: Vapour parking adaptor with proximity switch holder.


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