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2" Aeration Butterfly Valve

The 2" Aeration Butterfly Valve by Civacon is innovatively designed for reliability and hassle-free installation. This valve replaces conventional ball valves and eliminates the need for additional components necessary for individual hopper aeration.

Overall advantages are a light weight alloy body, designed to reduce torque, no field assembly, all-in-one design, easy maintenance, available in hose x hose or thread x hose applications and pressure assisted seating.

Features & Benefits
  • Easy Operation
  • Silicone gasket and butterfly style valve makes the ABV easy to open and close in all conditions
  • Long Lasting, this valve will not gall, freeze up or become hard to open like current models
  • If the ABV needs adjusting or becomes contaminated, repairs are hassel free. Simply,remove the 4 bolts, replace the seat or disc and bolt the valve back together
  • Light weight alloy design
  • Designed to reduce torque
  • All-in-one design
  • Available in hose x hose  or thread x hose
  • Pressure assisted seating
Ordering Information

2-ABV-HB-HB: 2" Aeration Butterfly Valve Hose to Hose Outlet.

2-ABV-HB-FNPT: 2" Aeration Butterfly Valve Hose to FNPT Outlet.

2-ABV-HB-FL: 2" Aeration Butterfly Valve Hose to Flange Outlet.


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