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3” Aluminum Swing Check Valve

Swing Check Valves are designed for maximum flow of air or dry products with minimal pressure drop. The poppet assembly is self-aligning to assure even sealing on the raised vertical seat. The poppet assembly can be easily removed for replacement.

Features & Benefits
  • More Air Flow - A high flow valve means less pressure drop and faster unloading rates.
  • Less Heat Build Up - Due to the spherical design of the Knappco 3" Aluminum Swing Check less turbulence is created in the air stream, reduces back pressure, provides smoother air flow reducing heat build-up and wear and tear on the blower.
  • Through-Hole Bolts - Removal of Valve Cap bolts are made easier with bolt through-holes. Through-holes allow servicing of worn-out bolts without destroying the casting.
  • Easier to Rebuild and Service - The poppet and top lift out as a single unit allowing serviceable parts to be easily and efficiently accessible. Field maintenance is possible without removing valve from air line.
  • Optional Seal Tabs - To ensure load integrity.
  • Embossed Casting Area - Provides an area to personalize each valve.
  • Light Weight - Aluminum, heavy duty construction.
  • Reliable - Each valve is manufactured and tested within rigorous ISO 9001 standards and processes.
Ordering Information

VC3012: 3" Aluminium Swing Check Valve Silicone Poppet w/o Spring

VC3022: 3" Aluminium Swing Check Valve Silicone Poppet w/Spring

VC3011FG: 3" Aluminium Swing Check Valve EPDM Poppet w/o Spring


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