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Piusi K700 Diesel Mechanical Metre

An oval gear mechanical flow meter designed for accurate measuring of the quantity (of diesel) dispensed at medium to high flow rates. These flow meters are reliable, economical and easy to install.

The sturdy body and the mechanical display system allow you to use the flow meter in particularly demanding environments.


Features & Benefits

• Flow rate from 40 to 220 L/min
• For diesel metering
• 4 digit partial totals (max 9999 litres), 7 digit totals
• Accuracy +/- 1.5 %
• Repeatability 0.2 %
• Max. operating pressure 10 bar (142 psi)
  (Bursting pressure 30 bar)
• Can be acalibrated
• Inlet filter
• Made in Italy

Ordering Information

To order please call or e-mail Liquip Victoria and quote the associated Piusi Product Code for the specific meter version you require listed on Datasheet available for download from the resources section.

Technical Information

To view product specifications and technical data please download the PDF Datasheet from the resources section.


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