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Piusi Cube 70MC 2.0 Diesel Dispensing Bowser

Cube MC 2.0 is equipped with a standard LAN connection to allow constant dialogue with the software, receive configuration mode data from a remote location and transmit fuel delivery reports.


Cube MC 2.0 can be installed directly on the tank, on a wall or on a pedestal. It’s the ideal product for those seeking practicality and the maximum safety in diesel fuel dispensing procedures. 

The 2.0 product range requires the use of Self Service Management 2.0 software



Features & Benefits

• Flow rate up to 90 l/min
• Accuracy: +/- 0.5 %
• Continuous AC operation 230 V (mod. 70 MC)
• Duty cycle 30 min DC version (mod. 90 MC)
• Noise level below 75 dB
• IP55 Protection
• LAN adapter
• Diesel fuel use

The mechanical component of Cube MC 2.0 features:
• High displacement self-priming vane pump.
• Automatic nozzle with swivel fitting.
• Integrated nozzle holder with pump start/stop lever.
• Pump suction mesh strainer.
• Oval gear electronic flow meter

Optional equipment:
• PW-WiFi to switch to a wireless connection.
• magnetic keys (yellow i-button) for user recognition
• magnetic keys (blue i-button) for vehicle recognition.
• OCIO 2.0 level indicator for constant monitoring of tank levels

Ordering Information

To order please call or e-mail Liquip Victoria and quote the associated Piusi Product Code for the specific bowser version you require listed on Datasheet available for download from the resources section.

Technical Information

To view product specifications and technical data please download the PDF Datasheet from the resources section.


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