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Diptronic® is a high tech measuring device, revolutionising the way liquids are measured in road and static tanks. With applications in all liquid industries such as milk, chemical, aviation, waste and petroleum and with weights and measures approval in several countries, Diptronic®  is a commercially viable, technically superior alternative to mechanical dipsticks and other metering systems.

Features & Benefits
  • Convenient automatic eye-level display of compartment volume continuously updated in real time keeps operators and delivery site attendants off the tank top to pro-actively provide a safer operating environment for drivers and delivery point attachments
  • Removes need for ladders, handrails and other safety devices on the tanker
  • Instantly updated volume display at ground level helps reduce delivery time
  • Protects the integrity of the load with level measurement 240,000 times per second, and an optional level tracking program as part of Diptronic® LIPS (Load Integrity Protection System)
  • Lighter than other metering systems
  • Reduces tanker weight
  • Dedicated compartments and fuel lines are a thing of the past with Diptronic®. Not product specific - accurately measures any type or grade of fuel in the compartment without recalibration to give maximum flexibility in fleet utilisation
  • Maintenance - free with no moving parts, reducing the whole of life cost

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