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Junction Boxes

Liquip offers weather proof a electronic junction box to ensure the integrity of power supply to Liquip EMH registers.

Features & Benefits
  • Cast aluminium housing with weather-proof seal.
  • Six ports are provided. power supply, output to supply power and communication to the register, and the remaining ports are for the auxiliary devices.
  • The single electronic board is built to Cenelec standard for intrinsically safe barrier.
  • Provides circuit protection and power conditioning for protection against ripples and surges.
Technical Information
Input Power: 11 - 30Vdc
Operating Temperature: -40 to +70°C
Output Power: 9Vdc@800mA
Ingress protection IP65
Solenoid Outputs: Solid state switch outputs 30Vdc@2A, two supplied for preset valve control.
Communication: All RS232C are buffered to eliminate noise interference to and from the Register
Cable: 25 core screened. ∅10.4 with polyurethane sheath. Inner sheath and separate insulated wires. Bend radius is 150mm.


Ordering Information

EJB101: Aluminium Electronic Junction Box to suit EMH500 Registers.

JBL100: Junction Box comes with 4 x M20 plastic plugs.


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