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45x Series Swing Hatches (450mm)

Liquip offers a range of 450mm easy access swing style manhole covers for tankers that carry hazardous or flammable fuels/chemicals or aviation fuels and where frequent compartment entry is required for example when cleaning during load change outs.

Liquip’s SH451 Series has been developed to not only meet but go beyond the requirements of the AS2809:2020 standard.

Features & Benefits
  • Australian double drop tested and CEN drop test compliant
  • Generous 450mm opening compliant with AS2809:2020
  • 4 stainless steel Tee handles and swing bolts for increased durability
  • Tool-free installation of swing pins
  • Easy loading and quick access for cleaning and inspection
  • Includes an integral emergency vent and provision for a pressure vacuum vent
  • Available in many configurations based on a range of seal materials (Teflon, Viton or HAN) and coaming materials (aluminium, stainless steel or mild steel)
Technical Information

Passes Australian double drop tests and complies with AS2809:2020

SH451 hatch fastens to coaming via 4 x SS Tee Handles.
If coaming extends further than 25mm into tank vapour space, a bleed hole must be added into the vapour space.

Venting Pressure
Emergency vent opens at 30kPa.

Venting Capacity
7450m³/hr at 45kPa.

~18kg (Al coaming)

Cover (Aluminium); Coaming (Aluminium; Mild Steel or Stainless Steel)

Ordering Information

Associated Equipment

PVV series: Pressure Vacuum Vent (PVV104 series or PVV204 Series); VRB-2 (PVV Blank Plate)
HWC454Z: Hatch Weather Cover to suit SH451