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Type C Camlock Fittings

Liquip camlocks are built to NATO specification (MIL-C-27487 (Superceded by A-A 59326) and are of aluminium construction.

For Aviation selectivity Notches and pins are used to dedicate these couplings for use with Aviation Gasoline or Aviation Turbine Fuel, thus preventing the wrong product being loaded into the wrong tank. All Aviation units conform to Australian Code of Practice CP23.

Type C Coupler - Cam and Groove Female coupler x Hose Tail.

Type C couplers are normally used with Type E adapters but can also be used with Type A and F adapters and Type DP (Dust Plug) of identical size.

Technical Information


Sizes Range
1 ½ " to 4".

Ordering Information


*Static = Static safe connection allowing inner and outer wires of hose to positively connect to end fitting.
*Avgas = Selectivity for Aviation Gasoline
*Jet = Selectivity for Jet Fuel

Item Camlock   Tail     Option*
NA40-9A 1½" 1½" Straight N/A
NA50-9A 2" 2" Straight N/A
NA65-13A 2½" 2½" at 68° N/A
NA65-9A 2½" 2½" Straight   N/A
NA80-13A 3" 3" at 68° N/A
NA80-9-50A 3" 2" Straight N/A
NA80-9-65A 3" 2½" Straight N/A
NA80-9A 3" 3" Straight N/A
NA80-9E 3" 3" Straight Static
NA80-9EW 3" 3" Straight Static
NA80-9G 3" 3" Straight Avgas
NA80-9J 3" 3" Straight Jet
NA100-9A 4" 4" Straight N/A
NA100-9EW 4" 4" Straight Static
NA100-9G 4" 4" Straight Avgas
NA100-9J 4" 4" Straight Jet