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3" sightglasses and Flanges

The BF3 series of sightglasses and flanges are made to suit 3" TTMA flanges/piping. 

Flanges provides the ability to make a removeable connection between two points.They have a chamfered bore to clear the disc, fitted beside a butterfly valve.

Sightlgasses that offer the ability to view product in piping to ensure if a compartment/tanker has product present or if it has been drained.

Ordering Inforrmation

BF3: Aluminium  80mm tube to 3" TTMA flange.
BF3-1: Mild Steel 80mm tube to 3" TTMA flange.
BF3-1S: Stainless Steel 80mm tube to 3"TTMA flange.

BF3-SG: 3" TTMA Sightglass flange, 25mm thick.


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