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4" Sightglasses and Flanges

The BF4 series of sightglasses and flanges are made to suit 4" TTMA flanges/piping. 

Flanges provides the ability to make a removeable connection between two points.They have a chamfered bore to clear the disc, fitted beside a butterfly valve.

Sightglass flanges bolt directly behind an outlet adaptor and provide the ability to view product in piping to ensure if a compartment/tanker has product present or if it has been drained.

The standard drilling for sightglasses is TTMA, so the unit will fit behind an API adaptor as well as Liquip butterfly valve. (Max pressure - 1,000kPa, Max temp - 70oC).

Ordering Information

BF4: Aluminium 100mm Tube to 4" TTMA Flange.
BF4-7: Aluminium 4" TTMA Blank Flange.
BF4-1: Mild Steel 100mm Tube to 4" TTMA Flange.
BF4-6: Mild Steel 4" TTMA Blank Flange.
BF4-1S: Stainless Steel 304,100mm Tube to 4" TTMA Flange.
BF4-1S-316: Stainless Steel 316, tube to 4: TTMA Flange.

BF4-SG-25:4" TTMA Sightglass flange (25mm thick).
BF4-SG-25Z:BF4-SG-25 c/w 4" Neo Cork TTMA gasket.
BF4-SG-25VZ: BF4-SG-25 c/w 4" Viton A TTMA gasket.
BF4-SG-40: 4" TTMA Sightglass flange (40mm thick).
BF4-SG-40Z::BF4-SG-40 c/w 4" Neo Cork TTMA gasket.
BF4-SG-40VZ: BF4-SG-40 c/w 4" Viton A TTMA gasket.
API-SG-150: ANSI flange pattern, 40mm thick.


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