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API496C Chemical Trim Bottom Loading Valve

The API496C is a Chemical Trim (FFKM) API Adaptor that conforms to API RP1004. It has been designed to be compatible with various chemicals. It has been engineered to offer quality bottom loading through excellent performance and maximum safety. Supplied with a drain plug (1/2” BSPT), sightglass and sightglass blanking plate.

FFKM (a perfluroelastomer commonly known as Ekraz or Kalrez) is one of the most chemically resistant materials available and is suitable for some of the harshest chemical compounds. FFKM is commonly used with aggressive, corrosive and reactive chemicals.

  • Complies to API RP1004 – compatible with all API couplers.
  • Ease of maintenance for reduced downtime.
  • Set of mounts to match industry standard air interlock valves such as the Liquip AIV3.
  • The bulk of internal components are stainless steel for increased strength and product service life.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • Lightweight design – 4.8kg
  • Borosilicate sightglass to visually check for retained product (Blank plate also provided).
  • Flange is gramophone finish for improved sealing.
  • 100mm bore all through for minimum pressure drop.
  • 52mm poppet travel.
  • Electrical continuity guaranteed by use of non-anodised nose cone.

Operating temperature range
-10°C to +60°C

Weight 4.8kg

API RP1004 (517kPa working pressure)

Chemical Compatibility
FFKM Seals

Materials of Construction
• Aluminium body, nosecone and poppet.
• Stainless steel shaft, cam & roller.
• Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) main product seals.
• Teflon poppet bush.

The spring loaded poppet can be opened by the handle for discharge, or by an API coupler for bottom loading or unloading. For safety, the handle does not move when a coupler actuates the poppet. The handle is a “pull up-to-open” design, which when used rotates an internal cam to open the poppet. The cam uses the over-centre principle to hold poppet in its open position while unloading. Dual o-ring seals on shaft prevent leaks.

Periodic Service
No set period. Service as required.
• Inspect for seal wear/leakage on poppet & shaft.
• Inspect handle return spring for spring set.
• Inspect general condition of seal face & nosecone.

Flange is 100mm TTMA standard. Mount so that when viewed from the front, the handle is on the
right hand side and pointing down.


API496C: Aluminium/Stainless Steel components & FFKM seals complete with sightglass, handle moves down


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