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Chemical Air Operated Emergency Valve

The Liquip SLV5-AROC pneumatic Chemical Trim (FFKM) Valve leads the industry with its low profile, low splash and vortex free design which minimises static and also enables faster tanker unloading than traditional mushroom poppet valves.

FFKM (a perfluroelastomer commonly known as Ekraz or Kalrez) is one of the most chemically resistant materials
available and is suitable for some of the harshest chemical compounds. FFKM is commonly used with aggressive, corrosive and reactive chemicals.

Liquip also offers some spare parts for the obsolete SLC200 series bottom valve - contact Liquip for further details.

Features & Benefits
  • Incorporates the latest technical advancements to ensure fast and safe loading and discharge of road tankers.
  • The valve is installed underneath the compartment floor and controls the flow of product from each compartment individually.
  • The 125mm dia poppet has a concave design which operates as a deflector reducing splash, surge and static build up during loading and similarly during discharge.
  • Hinged poppet design gives minimum height, so valve requires very little clearance to drop out for servicing.
  • Emergency jacking screw in the air ram allows drainage if air is unavailable.
  • Can be used with top operator.
  • FFKM seals can be distinguished by the white colour.
Technical Information

Nominal Ø100mm flow area except poppet is Ø125 bore for minimum pressure drop. Needs a minimum of 350kPa of air pressure.

Air Consumption
Consumption 1.0L free air per stroke. 

Aluminium body. Stainless steel main spindle. Chemical Trim, FFKM main seal bonded to aluminium poppet. Aluminium air ram body with FFKM seals, Teflon bush and gasket.

3.0 kg.

Bolted to sump or tank flange at the bottom of tank 8 holes Ø9.5 on a 210 PCD. Outlet adaptor from rectangular to round is available in aluminium or steel.

Periodic Service 
No routine maintenance required. Check sealing of valve as required by authorities.

Being a self-contained & externally mounted assembly, the air operator assembly is easily removable & replaceable, 

Ordering Information

SLV5-AROC: Air Operated Internal Valve with Bonded FFKM seal - Chemical.

Associated Equipment

4646: Teflon gasket to suit SLV5 air ram.

6086N: Gortex Gasket to suit SLV5 Pipe Flange.

4330: Teflon gasket to suit SLV5 Tank Flange.


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