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LDP200 Series Liquid Detection Probes

Liquip's LDP Series of optic overfill sensors raise the bar for safety with a self checking design unique glass prism design.

The LDP series overfill probe are fully compatible with all Liquip overfill equipment and can be interchanged with most 2 or 5 wire probes. 

Features & Benefits
  • Self Diagnostic function.
  • Compatible with all systems built to the API code.
  • A visbile optic light in the sensor tip indicates whether it is dry and operational.
  • Independent visual test for function when in or out of the tanker.
  • Patented visible light - Technological breakthrough.
  • Secondary protection with O-Ring sealed tip.
  • Built to comply with API RP1004 and EN13922.
  • Three stage viton sealing.
  • Glass prism is light-shielded by the retainer.
  • Probe can be removed from tank topwithout having access to interior to remove a hood.
  • Construction - Fully sealed front.
  • Self healing epoxy at rear on cable entry.
  • Fully potted construction.
  • Range of probe extensions to suit various probe lengths.
Technical Information

Electrical Parameters
IECEx & ATEX Approvals
Ui = 30V, Ii = 500mA, Pi = 9W, Ci = 105pF, Li = 0mH

FM Approvals
Vmax = 30V, Imax = 691mA, Pi = 9W, Ci = 105pF, Li = 0mH

Operating Temperature
-40ºC to +65ºC

IP Rating

Level Repeatability
+ 0.5mm

Design Pressure

Body, retainer and extensions: Aluminium
Prism: Glass
O-rings: Viton



Ordering Information

LDP202: 2 wire Aluminium Overfill Probe.  

LDP205: 5 wire Aluminiun Overfill Probe.

LDP202SS: 2 wire Stainless Steel Overfill Probe.

LDP205SS: 5 wire Stainless Steel Overfill Probe.

LDP202SC: 2 wire Stainless Steel Overfill Probe w/ FFKM seals.

LDP205SC:  5 wire Stainless Steel Overfill Probe w/ FFKM seals.


LD102-4: Aluminium probe extension (80mm).

LDP105-2: Aluminium probe extension (222mm).

PJB500: 2" Remote Probe holder.

VOH200-5: Probe holder.

RM140: Overfill Rack Monitor.

DP300 Series: Overfill dummy Probes.

TP100 Series: Overfill Truck Plug.


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