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Overfill System Tester

Liquip offers portable overfill system testers that completely test both 2 and 5 wire tank truck and terminal/depot overfill systems.

Users can test truck systems, gantry systems and individual probes for quick and effective fault-diagnosis.


Features & Benefits
  • Diagnoses all common probes and gantry monitors including thermistor, optical and capacitive.
  • Test 2 wire or 5 wire systems.
  • Test gantry systems, truck systems and individual probes.
  • Clearly labelled diagnostic lights indicate if there is a fault and what the fault is.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Portable design comes with carry handle and latch and 
Technical Information

Operating Temperature
-20°C to +70°C.

12 Volt Latern type.

Aluminium briefcase
Gantry plug and truck plug are polyurethane and anodised aluminium respectively with self-store 10 core cable.


Ordering Information

HTA204: 2 wire overfill system truck and terminal tester

HTA503: 5 wire overfill truck and terminal system tester

Associated Equipment

RM140D: Overfill monitor (typical configuration for Australian market).

RM140E: Overfill monitor (typical configuration for Global markets).

LDP202: 2 wire Aluminium Overfill Probe

LDP205: 5 wire Aluminiun Overfill Probe

GP103: Gantry plug, 3-pin bayonet, Navy Blue, supplied with cable & gland.

GP104: Gantry plug, 4-pin bayonet, Black, supplied with cable & gland.

GP113: 3 pin gantry plug with self coiling cable.(Quick Release)

GP114: 4 pin gantry plug with self coiling cable.(Quick Release)

GP213: 3 pin gantry plug with uncoiled cable. (Quick Release)

GP214: 4 pin gantry plug with uncoiled cable. (Quick Release)


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