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Workshop Features and Accreditations

Liquip NSW Workshop Smithfield

Our workshop in Smithfield, Western Sydney holds all the necessary indoor and outdoor space for large Road Tanker and trailer maneuverability and storage.

It is also fitted with latest and key equipment pieces to carry out the custom and repair work services we provide. It has on hand extensive stock holdings of well known Liquip Equipment Parts and products (as well as other industry related parts and products) to enable works to be carried out in a timely fashion and to avoid part ordering delays. This in turn makes us a very nimble operation when it comes to emergency repairs and access to replacement products for implementation or purchase.

At Liquip NSW we currently meet and hold the qualifications and accreditations required to carry out works as follows in our workshop:

> Electrical Engineering.

> Auto CAD Engineering of all fit-outs.

> Qualified Diesel Mechanics, Fitters and Boilermakers.

> On-Site Auto Electrician team.

> Hazardous Area Electrician
- Flammable and Hazardous
electrical wiring.

> Loading, Discharge & Blending Skids Designed & Fabricated.

> Diptronics Systems.

> Tanker Upgrades.

> Re-Horse & Refit of Road Tankers.

> Specialised Builds and Fit-outs
of Road Tankers.

> Depot and Terminal Equipment and Systems Design and Build.

> Self Bunded Storage Tank pump and Fuel Management supply and installation.

> Tank Gauging Supply and Service.

> Flame Proofing of Prime Movers.

> Loading Arms and Overfill Systems

> NMI Calibration for Tankers and Dispenser or Bowsers.



Liquip NSW LPG trailer repairs, builds and servicing

Liquip NSW can design, engineer, build and repair bulk storage transportation vessels for LPG (Liquip Petroleum Gas).

Our LPG Road Tankers are designed and constructed to meet relevant standards and any special needs of our customers. Designs incorporate features offering best in class safety and streamlined operation. Be the requirement for a rigid tanker, an articulated tanker or B Double,  styles with tanker sizes ranging from 2000 L capacity to 40 tonne are supported.

Smaller LPG tankers can be are configured for domestic (household) deliveries, but are capable of deliveries to some commercial installations. Features include a hydraulic oil cooler to minimise weight, and two hose reels to provide delivery flexibility in tight spaces.

Larger LPG Tankers are built to service mostly commercial deliveries but are able to deliver to some domestic installations. Fitted with Liquip hose reels, registers, and other accessories, these tankers can provide flow rates of 150 – 250 L/pm, dependent on hose reel solution. For higher discharge rates, a bulk discharge capability is built in. The rear hose reel can swivel 180 degrees to enable discharge from either side of the tanker.

The Liquip NSW site at has the capacity and capability to carry out:
  • Degassing facilities
  • Gas tanker dispensing system repairs
  • Tanker pressure vessel repairs and modifications
  • Maintenance and servicing of valves, pumps, hose reels and drive-away protection systems on tankers.
  • Mandatory periodic inspections (DLI’s) and visual inspections of road tanker barrels as required by code.
  • Hose inspections and hose re-testing and replacement programs.

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